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Analysis strokes - Essay Example

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Thestrokes are the butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle, and backstroke. In this video analysis, we are going to access three of thestrokes;…
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Analysis strokes
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Download file to see previous pages In the breaststroke style, a swimmer swims on his chestandtorso. The swimmers headremains out of waterwhileheswims. Before 1950, there wererules in theswimmingcompetitionwere one race under thewater in the breaststroke (Hannula,2003). Theunderwaterracingproved to be dangerous as swimmers suffocatedwhile under thewater. To date, thesetechniqueshavebeenimproved as peoplechangetherules, swimmers nowrace on thewatersurface. Swimmers are allowed to stay under thewater during one strokecyclewhenstartingand after eachturn. Breaststrokers createlargeforces during the propulsive phases of eachstrokecycle.
In the breaststroke, there are three phases during themotion of thebody. The out-sweep, the in sweepandtherecoveryphases. Out- sweepandthe in sweep are both propulsive movement with in-sweep beingthemorepowerful of the two. The out-sweep begins after a swimmer extend their legsfully. Armssweep outwards as shoulders medially rotateand adduct.
Theyhave to remainstraight until thepressure of thewatercausesthearm to flex. Thebodylies horizontally as itforms a Y shape. One pitches their palms outandbackandhandstossed outwards at near 90 degrees as well as backwardangle of up to40 degreesfortheforwardmovement. Upperarms should be parallel to thewatersurface, andshoulders medially rotated to allowpulldirectlystraightback (Maglischo, 2003).
In the in sweepphase, handscontinue to circle to facedownwardandinward, becominginwardandupward. One has to reachapproximately 100degrees of theelbow flexion, with maximummedialturning of theshoulder to permitgreatestsurfacearea to pushback on thewater.Elbows should remainparallel to thewatersurface. Handspass under theelbows, as theelbows flex maximally. Asthehandsbegin to moveupward, thehipsdrop, initiatinghipandknee flexion (Ferrauti, A., Pluim, B. M., & Weber, K. 2001).
In therecoveryphase, handscometogether with palms ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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