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As an exemplary small girl high school student, she is selected to attend an international conference in Germany. Therefore, that tiny lady travels to East Berlin to present an academic paper. Immediately after her…
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The Naked Eye - Significant detail (in a piece of fiction)
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The kidnapping of an innocent girl The Viet se girl shouted in Russian, that she would like to go home (Tawada & Susan, 2009)
The Naked Eye is a book about a little Vietnamese woman. As an exemplary small girl high school student, she is selected to attend an international conference in Germany. Therefore, that tiny lady travels to East Berlin to present an academic paper. Immediately after her arrival, a West German gentleman secretly lures her off to another place in West Germany. After a short period, she jumps to a train in the anticipation that the railroad is leading her to Moscow and finally to home. Unfortunately, that never happened, and instead she finds herself in Paris, France. While in France series of caring people took her in.
Since she was confident about her life, movies turned out to be her usual place to spend time and escape from her current situation. Consequently, her obsession with movies gradually developed. As a result, films featuring Catherine Deneuve top the list of the movies. Important to say, The Naked Eye borrows its structure from Deneuve’s films. Apart from that, each chapter in this book is drawn from the titles of Catherine movies. Therefore, the film is more similar to watching a movie than reading a book.
Since the Vietnamese woman is very young ad full of life, any amount of derailment would result to shuttering her from achieving her aspirations in life. This is a normal phenomenon to every young individual, regardless of gender. Therefore, this drew a lot of anger and dissatisfaction to the little lady. Aside from that, she feels duped and deceived by a stranger. As a way of finding solace, she gets hooked into watching movies. Although she liked Catherine’s films, she is reluctant to identify with the real Deneuve. Therefore, she strives to adapt to her case.
As a consequence, her life changes drastically from a being charming lady to an individual with lacking joy. As a result of her no understanding French, she could not converse with the locals. As a result, she alluded that talking to her was like acting in a theater with foreigners. Therefore, it is entirely difficult to communicate and consequently, boredom engulfs her world. Aside from the challenges of communication, her name becomes a problem to the locals. Interestingly, she calls herself Thu Huong in order to cope up with life in a foreign country.
The intentions by one of her protector to marry her compound the situation since she cannot envision her as part of a relationship. This is an intriguing situation that proves to be complicated for any young person to handle: kidnapped and a proposal for marriage by a rescuer. Subsequently, she becomes overwhelmed by the situation that provokes her desire to get back home.
To handle this kind of situation becomes difficult, especially to a young person like this Vietnamese girl. Therefore, it is important to highlight the challenges faced by individuals kidnapped to a foreign location. These challenges are insurmountable since they are dynamic in nature. Apart from that, victims of kidnapping go through a myriad of problems since they vary from one location to another. Important to note, the Vietnamese girl is not the victim, but rather as a passive participant. Although her hosts are not cruel to her, she gets the desire to go back home. Consequently, she shouts in Russia that she wants to go to her native land.
Tawada, Yo, and Susan Bernofsky. The Naked Eye. New York, NY: New Directions Book, 2009. Print. Read More
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