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The ad features significantly appeal to human ethos and pathos. The red satin dress that uncovers Beyoncé’s cleavage provides a relaxed, calm and confidence look associated with the product. The ad has elements of…
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Excercise 3.1
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Female and male Ads HEAT fragrance by Beyoncé is an irresistible feminine ad. The ad features significantly appeal to human ethos and pathos. The red satin dress that uncovers Beyoncé’s cleavage provides a relaxed, calm and confidence look associated with the product. The ad has elements of red and white colors. The backgrounds design of a shady dark appearance subdivided by red color adds the beauty of the product. In addition it shows the illumination power. Therefore, the product sets apart the users. The white texts in the perfume enhances readability. Red color signifies love, seductive and love. The red color also implies stop and danger therefore stamping the perfumes title of the heat. Perfumes glass placed at the bottom right is bristle and clear. It also has a firm base showing stability and irresistibility of women who use the perfume (Beyonce Heat 1).
Viktor & Rolf spicebomb is an attractive ad design. The image of a handsome young man holding the bottle implies the fragrance cozy, warm and composed nature. The masculine male shows that the product is designed for the gentle and handsome males in the society. Spicebomb’s bottle has a grenade shape thus qualifying the products name of ‘bomb’. In addition, spicebombs grenade and explosive nature implies the perfumes strength. Specifically, it signifies silage and the everlasting power of the fragrance thus sets it apart. The backgrounds grey shading creates a sense of calmness and confidence that the product creates. Black and white texts used in the ad improves the viewers or audiences public image. It also shows classism and perfumes distinct mainstream image. The title provides a seamless balance between intensity, elegance and subtlety (Rolf 1).
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