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(A War against Nature) - Essay Example

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William Debuys targeted the critics and proponents of conservation and countries that seek to conserve their wildlife and wildlife parts. William…
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(A War against Nature)
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Download file to see previous pages Particular ethos, pathos, and logos support the aim of the text. The author uses inductive reasoning to appeal the audience to a logical reasoning where he adopts specific representative facts to draw rational conclusions. He quotes report findings from Working Group and International Union for Conservation of Nature to show the destruction of above 90,000 snares since 2011 that ascertains the absence of parks and protected areas in Southeast Asia to safeguard wild parts (Debuys 1). The author also uses an ethical appeal by relying on reliable sources to support his arguments. He uses the figures from the WildAid to show how helping administrations and NGOs of Southeast Asia will enhance the conservation of regional natural heritage and restore Earths biodiversity. He also establishes a common ground by recognizing the critics of conservation. Ultimately, he uses an emotional appeal to persuade readers to buy his arguments. For instance, William Debuys uses a personal story to depict a legitimate and real picture of the threat posed by poaching in Southeast Asia (Debuys 1).
The author chose inductive reasoning to present sufficient evidence in support of his claim that poaching is poaching is rampant in Southeast Asia. The author chose authoritative and reliable sources of wildlife information like WildAid to show how advocates of Earths biodiversity can help Southeast Asia to conserve wildlife and wildlife parts (Debuys 1). By establishing a common ground with the audience, the author sought to acknowledge diverse opinions about conservation to derive the proponents view on conservation as the correct one. The ethical appeal supports the author’s claim that the increased demand for wildlife parts is jeopardizing Earths biodiversity especially in Southeast Asia. The author chose emotional appeal where he used his expedition to central Laos as a legitimate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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