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Is the death penalty effective (argument) - Essay Example

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It was even practiced in the tribal and lawless civilizations of the ancient times and has continued to exist to date. However, over the past few decades, there has been an ongoing debate about…
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Is the death penalty effective (argument)
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Extract of sample "Is the death penalty effective (argument)"

Download file to see previous pages Different studies conducted in different states have concluded differently about the deterrent effects of death penalty, which makes it difficult to deduce the effectiveness of capital punishment (Durlauf, Fu, and Navarro 1). Despite the subjectivity of its effectiveness from statistical observation, and the fact that death penalty is the harshest of all punishments that can be possibly given to the criminals, its usefulness and effectiveness in establishing peace in the society cannot be denied. Spending millions of dollars on death penalty is worth it because it is really effective in reducing crime rate, establishing the right justice system, and inculcating fear of law in the criminals.
Capital punishment eradicates the possibility for the same criminal to reengage in crime ever. It is as simple as this; no more criminal means no more crime. Every criminal that is released from prison after completing the assigned duration of imprisonment carries the possibility of reengaging in crime. In fact, many criminals do reengage in crime. After their release, they are exposed to the same environmental, social, and cultural factors that convinced them to commit the crime before. This is the reason why many criminals are returning prisoners. Death penalty provides the most effective solution against crime recurrence.
There is no recompense as fair as death penalty for certain crimes. The relatives of a person who has been murdered mostly want nothing less than murder of the murderer. The criminal deserves to be given death penalty because he/she has caused the same to someone else; “if those murdered are the sort inclined to forgive those who injure them, their murderers can take comfort that on dying they might be forgiven and at one, in the sense of having a morally balanced relationship restored, with their victims” (Aspenson 104). Fair judicial system demands that a criminal is granted punishment commensurate with the weight of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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