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The True size of Africa - Assignment Example

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He felt that countries like China, USA, India, and Japan could fit in Africa. Looking at the map, Kai Krause aimed at presenting this outline to fight against rampant…
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The True size of Africa
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Extract of sample "The True size of Africa"

The True Size of Africa Kai Krause map of Africa presents the map of Africa in such a way that is bigger than other continents. He felt that countries like China, USA, India, and Japan could fit in Africa. Looking at the map, Kai Krause aimed at presenting this outline to fight against rampant immappancy during that period. Krause did not want the universal Mercator prediction to alter the comparative sizes of states (Krause, 2015).
In the actual size of Africa presented in the Economist Magazine, Mr. Krause did not present the actual size of the African map but he used many shapes of other states using the Mercator projection (Krause, 2015). In order to get the actual size of this map, it is important to use equal area projection to draw the map without distorting its shape.
It is important to know how large Africa is because it is believed that Kai Krause used a Mercator projection to develop this map. It is also very difficult to draw the actual size of content on paper without minimizing its size. Looking at the David McCandless post of other continents, they appear smaller than the shape of Africa (McCandless, 2013). It means that an individual can develop a map to fit the needs of a given society at a given time using different scales based on their knowledge and experience.
Looking at the different shapes of states presented in the David McCandless post, they vary significantly. Several studies need to be conducted to come up with an accurate size and shapes of these countries using a different methodology.
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McCandless, David. The True Size Of Africa. 14 Oct. 2010. Web. 21 Mar. 2015. Krause, Kai. The True Size of Africa. n.d. Web. 21 Mar. 2015. Read More
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The True Size of Africa Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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