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How the Anthropocene is related to my major Business Management Explain through McDonalds especially their Beef Hamburgers - Research Paper Example

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Humans derive important resources from the environment that are used to create or fulfill the basic needs, which are food, clothing, and shelter. Thus, conservation of the environment…
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How the Anthropocene is related to my major Business Management Explain through McDonalds especially their Beef Hamburgers
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Extract of sample "How the Anthropocene is related to my major Business Management Explain through McDonalds especially their Beef Hamburgers"

Download file to see previous pages Their production activity requires meat from animals, yet livestock production is one of the human practices that results in adverse changes in the environment. Subsequently, the current sorry state of the environment marked by degradation and depletion of essential resources is attributed to anthropogenic activities. Moreover, scientists believe that there is a new wave of anthropogenic activities that started in a particular period, a concept referred to as anthropocene. Being business management student, understanding the concept of anthropocene and environmental degradation is important, as it helps in finding solutions to the issue.
McDonalds is one of the biggest fast food restaurants in the world. The restaurant was established in 1955 in Illinois USA and has more than 30000 outlets located in 120 countries globally that serve more than 54 million customers daily. McDonalds is famous for producing delicious and tasty beef hamburgers that attract many customers every day. As a result, the company is growing day by day, and the customer base is equally rising, which translates to increased consumption of beef hamburgers, and thus production of more of meat by farmers. The primary source of meat is nature. Therefore, increased demand for beef is among the anthropogenic activities that results in adverse effects on the environment and natural resources.
The continuous and enormous use of natural resources disturbs the balance in the ecosystem resulting in numerous problems that cause environmental problems. One of the adverse effects of production and consumption of beef hamburgers is the depletion of the natural resources in the environment. The main ingredient of McDonald’s hamburgers is meat from animals. Halden and Schwab states, “Finally, but growing more urgent every day, industrial agriculture may be a significant contributor to climate change, as the production of greenhouse gases from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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