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Changing Aid Modalities - Assignment Example

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Many of the projects have stopped due to poor relationship between the government and the financiers. Over the years, the government of Tanzania has tried to ensure that it takes control of financial management in the…
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Changing Aid Modalities
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Extract of sample "Changing Aid Modalities"

Changing Aid Modalities al Affiliation: Changing Aid Modalities The African government has been relying so much on donor aid. Many of the projects have stopped due to poor relationship between the government and the financiers. Over the years, the government of Tanzania has tried to ensure that it takes control of financial management in the country. However, the donors want to be part of the management. They demanded to be involved in every stage of management. This is to ensure that the money meant to help the local population is channeled towards the right projects.
The differences on the mode to be used in monitoring and evaluating the fund have been affecting the local population. The Tanzanian government needs to be in the forefront in ensuring that the support being given by the donors is utilized effectively in order to win their confidence. However, the government has been acting as a stumbling block, an aspect that has been affecting the level of development in the country. It is impossible for the donors to give out money and fail to monitor how it’s being utilized. This is because many of the African leaders have been accused of corruption. In addition, these governments have not set up strong institutions that would play an oversight role, thereby ensuring that every penny by donors is accounted for. Moreover, the government has a long chain of command involving the central government, and local government. These can be the loopholes that can be used by the leaders to embezzle donor funds. Therefore, there was need to involve an independent party to ensure that the money is utilized effectively.
There is need to establish an independent auditing body which will serve the interests of the Tanzanian government and that of the donors. Although the issue looks like it has been settled, there is need to ensure that it does not erupt once again. This is through ensuring that there is a joint body established by the two bodies which will be mandated with ensuring that the interests of the two parties are taken into consideration. Both parties should appoint their representatives, an aspect that will play a significant role in reducing the conflict levels.
The government should not be involved in the management of donor aid. Already, it has a mandate of ensuring that the current resources are utilized effectively. In addition, it has been dotted by different cases of corruption. This is the reason why many of the officials feel that the donors should leave the role of managing the funds to the government officials. However, doing this will make it hard for the funds to reach the desired population. As a result, in order to avoid this conflict of interests, all donors should come together and establish a management system which will ensure that the projects initiated through the fund are completed on time. This will erase the notion that donors are interfering with the sovereignty of the country. On the other hand, donors will be assured that their funds are being utilized effectively. Read More
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Changing Aid Modalities Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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