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Will be given - Essay Example

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Global economic crunch has been a contentious issue since 2000s.China is the fastest growing economy and has been the greatest investment destination of foreign companies. In this regard, particular sectors of economy explain the recent fall of construction industry and…
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Will be given
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Kaisa Case study Global economic crunch has been a contentious issue since 2000s.China is the fastest growing economy andhas been the greatest investment destination of foreign companies. In this regard, particular sectors of economy explain the recent fall of construction industry and individual firms. In this case, an article on In China, a Building Frenzy’s Fault Lines stages of rise and fall of Kaisa. This Chinese housing developer took pride in claiming popularity in stock market and attracted significant capitalization across the world. However, many international firms that had signed contracts with it regretted when the housing market collapse. Many questions remain unanswered in this mysterious collapse of the financial market and slump it the Kaisa shares overnight.
Critical evaluation of this article offers an insight into the concepts that support sustainable economic growth and financial security of the market. China is noted as having ambiguous legal structures that fail to disclose the reality of existing market trend to foreign investors. Besides, cases of corruption and unclear source of the wealth of Guo Yingcheng explains the sudden collapse of this firm. There are several lessons that are learnt from this scenario. For a multinational like Kaisa which deals in such capital intensive investment, integrity and reliability of its founder is paramount. In the case of Kaisa and the financial curse that befell it, a combination of the government weak policies on corruption and the firm’s internal legal and ethical structures contributed to the tragedy. The concept of overcapitalization against diminishing demand can equally be attributed to the claims against Kaisa as explored in this article. It is therefore important to undertake multidimensional approach while establishing investment plans.
Work Cited
David Barboza. In China, a Building Frenzy’s Fault Lines, New York Times. March 13, 2015 Read More
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Will Be Given Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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