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Course Project-Research Proposal - Assignment Example

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2) Working thesis: Working thesis: Identity theft has been skyrocketing be it to organizations or upon individuals, which means that victims are uninformed of how they can protect themselves from victimization
3) Angle: Millions people and uncountable organizations are becoming…
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Course Project-Research Proposal
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Extract of sample "Course Project-Research Proposal"

Identity Theft First of Proposal for Identity Theft I. Introduction A. Topic Research question: Is there anything that identity thief potential victims can do to protect themselves from attackers?
2) Working thesis: Working thesis: Identity theft has been skyrocketing be it to organizations or upon individuals, which means that victims are uninformed of how they can protect themselves from victimization
3) Angle: Millions people and uncountable organizations are becoming victims of identity theft every year. Although government relevant agencies are working towards curbing the recurrence of these incidences, the rates are still alarming and very little is being done towards enlightening the masses how to protect themselves. Citizens have a right to be protected by their respective governments from such fraudulent individuals but they also have a responsibility to take all the necessary precautionary measures to minimize their exposure to identity theft.
B. Context
1) Having one’s identity taken away by individuals with wrong motive is one of the most difficult things for the individual to deal with. It could interpret to inability to pay bills or even worse, inability to obtain credit besides exposing the person to more destructive eventualities.
2) Although am not an expert in the field of identity theft, it is self-evident that everybody is a potential victim of such occurrences. This implies that it is necessary for all to be equipped with the appropriate information on how to deal with such modern realities. Through the exploration of some experts’ work within the field of identity theft, I am able to establish my credibility in responding to the issues surrounding identity theft. Such experts include Saleh (2013), Mulig, Smith and Stambaugh (2014), and Biegelman (2002).
C. Audience
1) The primary audience for this study will be organizations’ management teams and other individuals who are potential victims to identity theft.
2) My secondary audience will be my professor in this course as well as fellow classmates, some of whom have been victims of identity theft and who would desire greater exposure on precautionary measures to protect themselves from such future recurrences.
3) Except for some few individuals who believe there is nothing much one can do to protect themselves from identity thieves, majority of my audiences share in my school of thought that it is possible to create a wall between oneself and such fraudulent individuals.
II. Evidence
A. Research collected so far
From exploration of a number of literatures, it is evident that identity theft is often a crime of opportunity, which implies that precautionary measures can go a long way in reducing risks. Most of the attacks have been made possible because of negligence and loopholes created by the victims themselves, thus they have a significant role to play in ensuring that they are safe.
B. Research to be collected
It is a fact that both technology and hackers are becoming more sophisticated as time goes by. I will seek to understand how managements and individuals can employ more advanced protective measures to reduce their chances of being victimized by identity thieves. I will also explore the various experts’ opinions on possibility of establishing a wall to ensure that organizations and individuals are safe from the reach of identity thieves.
III. Conclusion
I believe that everybody is vulnerable to hackers of modern day who sometimes uses one’s identity for fraudulent purposes. Although the government has a responsibility to protect its own people from such fraudulent individuals, its capacity is limited and sometimes it necessitates the potential victims to respond appropriately to protect themselves. The crime of identity theft is often opportunistic, thus the stakeholders are able to initiate measures that can ensure that the exposures are minimal and the risks lowered. The objective of this project will be to advance this course and to authenticate the validity of these statements.
IV. References
Biegelman, M. (2002). Identity Thief handbook. Detection, Prevention and Security. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.
Mulig, E., Smith, M., & Stambaugh, C. (2014, December). Identity Hack! Is Your Company Next? Strategic finance, 33-39.
Saleh, Z. (2013). The Impact of Identity Theft on Perceived Security and Trusting E-Commerce. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 18(2), pp. 1-11. Read More
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