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Notably, there is an evident observation that children in kindergarten exhibit diverse skills in reading. The host of the show makes. It is evident that a difference in a few months can affect children’s…
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Matthew effect
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Mathew Effect The video discusses different concepts regarding the Mathew effect. Notably, there is an evident observation that children in kindergarten exhibit diverse skills in reading. The host of the show makes. It is evident that a difference in a few months can affect children’s ability to read as well as their competence in other fields. Apparently, children who receive the best introduction to learning are likely to exhibit better progress in their entire education. On the other hand, the lack of proper introduction to learning has the potential of affecting the reading abilities of students, as well as their academic progress in their life, these differences occur in accordance with the Mathew effect. The different researchers and experts in the show are keen to highlight that their studies have revealed that children have different cognitive abilities. Some children face difficulties in learning how to read, whereas others register immediate progress upon entry into school. A difference in a few months of joining school can have a remarkable difference in the academic progress of students in kindergarten especially in their ability to read. The show also discusses the effects of redshirting children in kindergarten extending the experiences in the lower levels of learning. However, redshirting can introduce differences in the reading abilities of children with some children becoming the oldest in the class (Redd).
In my opinion, the Mathew effect has the potential to affect the life of an individual. According to Gladwell featured in the video, teachers are more likely to give attention to students who post a better performance. Therefore, the gap between the good and poor performers only widens over time. Therefore, there is a salient need of presenting students with similar learning opportunities in order to minimize the gap in cognitive skills brought about by the Mathew effect (Redd).
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Redd, Nancy. Education Eligibility & The Matthew Effect. Huffpost Live, March 12, 2013. Web. 11th March 2015 Read More
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