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Autobiographical story - Essay Example

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Boys walk in groups talking about girls and alcohol most of the time. The conversations are always mundane and hyperbolical at most. A boy, a little older than the rest of the boys in the group, begins a discussion. He brags about…
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Autobiographical story
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Download file to see previous pages The conversations go on with more lies and chest thumping with juvenile descriptions of their dreams and fantasies.
I was always the quite one in my clique. I shared my room with my younger brother and could not even mount pictures of my favorite female celebrities. I remember getting an old copy of Playboy from one of the boys in the group. It was difficult hiding it. I perused through the pages and before my brother or nosy sister could coming knocking on the door, I had tossed it out of the window. Fortunately, we lived in a flat, and no one could easily trace the trash to my room the following day. I remained aloof most of the time watching cartoon with my brother. I fitted the group simply because I had a beautiful older sister that most boys in the school admired.
A perfect opportunity presented itself two days before my seventeenth birthday. The class had taken a trip out of the city to a zoo. Talks about girl and alcohol had beginning taking their toll on me. Every time we sat or met at the group, Tony, who claimed most of the experience, would introduce a topic charismatically. The topic would easily degenerate into a detailed description of his sex escapades and how much the girls loved him. I would look on fantasizing and wishing I were the one. From the groups, I would spend most of my time in bed or the bathroom ruminating and reliving Tony’s vivid description. I longed for the day I would remain alone with my dream girl. The trip to the zoo out of the city was that perfect opportunity. Tony suggested that we needed to contribute about one hundred and twenty dollars with which to buy refreshments. From the grim on his face, it was obvious what he meant. I was among the first boys in the group to contribute. I even contributed for some of my friends who could have otherwise either taken longer or hoped out of the plan.
On the bus, I luckily sat next to Lucie, the most beautiful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Autobiographical Story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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