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Movie analyzing - Essay Example

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The context of the movie is a reflection of the gangster life led by large drug suppliers. The story begins with Lucas acting as a chauffeur to…
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Movie analyzing
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Extract of sample "Movie analyzing"

America Gangster The movie ‘American Gangster’ is an American crime film specifically revolving around the uprising of anew drug lord, Lucas. The context of the movie is a reflection of the gangster life led by large drug suppliers. The story begins with Lucas acting as a chauffeur to Johnson who is a gang leader and after his death Lucas takes over. This provides Lucas with an opportunity to advance his life through the sale of a heroin brand dubbed ‘Blue Magic’. However, unlike other suppliers Lucas exports blue magic direct form the main production facility based in Thailand through planes carrying US service men on return from war thereby allowing him to sell at relatively lower prices. As such, the business grows quite fast gaining popularity and customer loyalty from the major suppliers in the region. The movie allows viewers to have a comprehension of the setting and everyday encounters of leading a gangster life that generally revolves around criminal activities.
Additionally, the movie gives a reflection of the relationship between the police and criminals. It is evident from the story that a successful gangster life is heavily dependent on minimal interactions with law enforcers. As such, Lucas leads a seemingly quiet and private life ensuring minimal interactions with the police despite his successes in both the drug business and purchase of nightclubs. For example, Lucas makes sure to dress in a moderate way that portrays his strength while simultaneously reducing attention levels from law enforcers. This is a typical gangster life scenario where the leaders are seen few times leaving much of the work to their appointed representatives to avoid detection. However, the story does not only concentrate on criminal activities but also touches on the Lucas’s other life such as family. This makes the story more realistic and associable with real life while simultaneously making it interesting.
Conversely, the movie also gives a reflection of the police life in a creative yet realistic way thereby striking a balance. The lead detective, Roberts, is given the task of apprehending the major drug traffickers in the city after the death of his partner. Although at first Lucas is unknown to the detective, he attracts attention during a fighting event due to his conspicuous dressing and sitting position prompting Roberts to embark on a mission to investigate him. Within the same period Lucas’ business encounters some challenges from Dominic, a mafia boss, and some corrupt detectives who demand to be given a cut from the drug transactions. This also adds to the movies realistic approach since in any practice there exists some challenges and some form of dishonesty from some workers.
In the course of the story, one of Lucas’ cousins is seen by the detectives shooting a woman hence his driver is forced to wear a wire to reduce charges. As such, the detectives are able to identify one of the planes used by Lucas to transport blue magic into the country. Based on the evidence collected, Roberts and his team are able to track Lucas’ production facilities. Finally, Lucas is arrested owing to the loss of his emergency money stolen by some corrupt detectives hence could not escape. After Lucas’ apprehension, he assisted the detectives with investigations on corrupt police and other drug suppliers in the region. Due to his contribution, Lucas serves only 25 years of the 70 years that he had been sentenced. The ending of the movie is realistic and educative with implications that good always surpasses evil in the long run. The movie received warm reception leading to win some awards implying that it was highly successful.
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Movie Analyzing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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