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In "A Rose for Emily" story written by author William Faulkner the author tries to bring the theme of death and change. …
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A Rose for Emily
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Plot Critique In "A Rose for Emily" story written by William Faulkner the tries to bring the theme of death and change. The author explains that in the circumstance given nothing and grief he would choose nothing. He tries to explain about grief by detailing the selfishness and loneliness of a woman in the story known as Emily.
The story brings opposite side of an individual different from the real life situation. This is seen in the character of Emily in the story. Emily is not able to grip death idea and instead suffers denial. When Emily’s father passed away, people in the town expected that she will be in a state of grief, but this was the contrary. Emily claimed that her father was not dead as people in town thought. Emily did not accept the fate of death and she held her father as if he was still alive. Emily did not accept death and as a result she killed Homer Barron to prevent him from leaving. Emily refused people to enter in her house because she kept the body of Homer Barron inside (Faulkner 2).
Emily had a bad motive towards Homer Barron that resulted in murder. From the beginning of the story, Emily was not affected by the death, but this could not have made her act badly against Barron. Emily actions were as a result of supernatural forces. When Emilys father died, Emily did not care but held her father as if he was still alive. Emily remained stubborn and prevented changes brought about by the death or other means from taking place in town. She was also afraid of change and refused to allow the city people to include a number for mail in her house (Faulkner 22).
After Emily’s funeral people were curious to know what she had been hiding from the house. The town people rushed and broke the house in which Emily lived in order to find out what she was hiding. People were surprised to find Homer Barron corpse decomposed on the bed together with a thread of Emily’s grey hair. Emilys characters and belief in death made her live an ordinary life. She had to kill Barron in order to keep him by her side. She refused to pay the taxes and also let the city council investigate the bad smell from her house. She lived a happy life due to her character. Emily could have ended up in prison due to the murder of Barron, but her character made her avoid misfortunes (Lawn 2).
Emilys life was full of complication because she did not believe in having grief over anything lost. Her life was full of complication and misunderstanding because she always lived contrary to what people in the community expected. Due to her character she managed to live in a house with a decomposed corpse. The author should have also narrated on the negative sides of the Emily’s life in order to enlighten people on the challenges faced by people who do not take life situation seriously (Faulkner 3).
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