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Poetry Analyze - Essay Example

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The stylistic devices used by the poets may include the following: symbolism, imagery, metaphors, and many more. A poem always has a meaning to…
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Poetry Analyze
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Download file to see previous pages The poem has a whole bunch of ideas concerning parenthood and the roles of both the parents in bringing up a home. It tells a story of a complete family comprising a father, a mother and children. The mother is a homemaker and takes care of her family by doing home chores such as cleaning the diapers and ensuring her children are safe. The dad on the other hand works to provide for the family, it be evidenced by the fact that it is in the evening that we are introduced to her husband who probably is from work. She tends to the needs of her husband as said in the second last stanza of the poem, “later that night when Thomas rolled over and lurched into her.”
From the last two stanzas, the poem introduces the relationship of a couple in parenthood. These two people are in very different situations. One goes to work to provide for the family, the other takes care of the family by looking after the kids. In all these occurrences, we see the way roles are divided in the running of family affairs. The situation of the woman is that which makes her selflessly dedicate herself to her roles as a mother. Despite the fact that she needs time for herself, she has no freedom at all to be herself in the family; she puts her family first in line and only gets the pleasure of resting for an hour. The rest of the time, she is a mother and a wife. This shows her dedication to parenthood.
From the last two stanzas, we see the way the woman is submissive to Thomas by taking care of his needs as a husband. Thomas does not notice how tired the wife has been from the day’s activities. She does not complain about it to her husband instead she does what she wants her to do. This portrays Thomas as a man who is not caring about his wife because we are shown from the last stanza that “Thomas rolled and lurched into into her, she would open her eyes and think of the place that was hers for an hour.” This means that as a wife she is withdrawn ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Poetry Analyze Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Poetry Analyze Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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