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12 Angry men - Essay Example

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The jury in the case was torn in handing a unanimous guilty verdict to a boy who allegedly killed his father because that would mean an automatic death sentence. The sole dissenter, Juror 8 had successfully convinced the jury for a thorough discussion after a…
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12 Angry men
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Extract of sample "12 Angry men"

Download file to see previous pages The courthouse of which the movie was filmed was filled with 12 men all who seem to be of the same race and of the same general age. It seems that the only difference between the jurors are their social and economic backgrounds which the movie had illustrated on it could influence a person’s mindset and judgment. For example, Juror 5 shared the “slum upbringing “ as the young boy being charged, that allowed him to relate to his living conditions but other juror like Juror 4 seemed to judge the boy harshly based on where he was raised. Juror 4 even as far to say… “ If you live in slum you become slum”. These statements indicates the biases of the jurors due to their backgrounds that reflect in their faulty reasoning as well as their erroneous judgment. When these prior biases and prejudices were overcome however, the jury begins to realize the error in their reasoning that finally led them to vote for non-conviction of the boy.
They are many reasoning and thinking errors in film. Some of the thinking errors identified in the movie, “12 angry men” was being closed-minded, being prejudice and being impatient. We identify these as thinking errors because it demonstrates how our faulty judgment just like the case of the jurors are influenced by their background to erroneously judge the case of the boy. As an example of the thinking error of being impatient was when one of the jurors does not want to engage in a lengthy discussion about the case for fear of running late for the baseball game. Another thinking error in the film was being closed-minded and prejudice. This was shown in the case of Juror 3 whose estranged relationship with his son affected his judgment in the case of wanting to convict the suspect just because of his strained relationship with his son. Another is juror 10 who is prejudiced against the slums dwellers as killers and people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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12 angry men film analysis

... such actions in the past then he is guilty of his present action. Arguments of jurors 4 and 10 comprised of a genetic fallacy because they believed that since the defendant lived in a bad atmosphere as a slum, then he must be guilty, but juror 5 refuted his claim saying that he grew up in the same atmosphere but he turned out just fine. Hence, all the arguments did not serve to substantiate the case. References 12 Angry Men (1957) United Arts. MGM Company. Web, 5th, Oct. 2012. Assessed on May, 2013, from YouTube Kendra Cherry, Leadership Theories – Eight Major Leadership Theories. Web, May, 2013 ?...
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...the classic films of American cinema. Far from the highly colorized, flash and bang of modern cinema, “12 Angry Men” takes place in a single room and involves 12 ordinary men who are each stereotypical of prevalent societal attitudes at the time of the film’s making, but could as easily be transferred to more modern times, forcing the viewer to focus on the psychological action occurring rather than the latest high-dollar computer graphic imagery or fast-moving car chase scene. The production of this film provides it with an importance different from that of its subject matter, setting an artistic precedence in keeping with the intentions of the...
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12 Angry Men

...rather than the boy’s more questionable, especially when stacked up with the other pieces of evidence provided. However, I believe the boy is innocent simply because he returned home to what was essentially an ambush by the police, walking right into their midst before he knew what was happening without a reliable alibi, plans or tools to dispose of the body or even his own knife to prove he didn’t commit the crime. I believe there are a lot of stupid criminals out there, but one imaginative enough to engage in murder is not stupid enough to return to the scene of the crime hours later without a plan. References Fonda, Henry (Producer) & Lumet, Sidney (Director). (1957). 12 Angry Men [motion picture]. New York: Orion-Nova...
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...) and finds a place in the list of all time great movies. In 2007, the library of Congress chose “12 angry men” for preservation in the United States National Film Registry. Here, we analyze the dynamics of the 12 jurors and what might have influenced them in taking a decision in favor of or against the accused. Story line The movie begins with the scene in which the judge is seen giving instructions to a jury consisting of 12 gentlemen. The judge informs the jury that the defendant will have to take the electric chair if proved guilty. The jury is also instructed that their judgment should be unanimous. The jury then moves into the jury room where they...
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...12 Angry Men- Movie Review The Story-Background: 12 Angry men is a movie based on the trial of a teenaged South American boy accused of his father’s murder. The movie is set in the jury room where 12 men are to decide the fate of the boy based on the facts as provided before and their own deliberations. But there can be only two verdicts, and if they choose “guilty” the boy will go the electric chair for his death sentence. There is no choice of appeal. However, if they have reasonable doubt about the case they must acquit the boy of the murder charge. His life now lies in the hands of the 12 men who begin the deliberations almost convinced of his guilt but as it is later revealed their judgments are clouded by personal biases... Angry Men-...
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12 Angry Men (1957) -

...Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx 4 November 12 Angry Men The movie ‘12 Angry Men’ is a ic example of how a person’s strong conviction can enter hearts of others and make them think with a different outlook. The movie begins with the judge asking the jury to retire in the other room and come up with a decision. Eleven out of twelve jury members are in staunch support of the accused being given capital punishment. But there is one person who has ‘reasonable doubts’ in his mind about the evidences and the witnesses. He decides to vote not guilty for the accused and starts to give the logic behind his thinking. What happens after that is nothing less than a miracle. After many rounds of votes and heated discussions among the jury members...
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... 12 Angry Men The movie “12 Angry Men” is an archetypal courtroom movie featuring twelve jurors and a defendant, accused of murder. The movie depicts the jury as the core and integral part of the criminal justice system. In the movie, one of the jurors is of a dissenting opinion and passionately attempt to free the accused. He does this by successfully convincing the other 11 members of the jury to buy his idea of “burden of proof” concerning the evidence presented against the accused. The defendant is accused of having murdered his vicious father. When the case reaches the jury, the majority of the 12-member jury has no doubt that the accused committed the murder. It is only juror no. 8, who offers a dissenting opinion and queries all...
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12 Angry Men

... Group process in the film “12 angry men” The jury deliberation in the film, “12 angry men” is a portrayal of group dynamics. Group dynamics relates to the functioning, structure and the roles individuals play in a group. The jury in the film, consisting of twelve men, was drawn together to determine whether the boy was culpable of killing his father. The characteristics of group dynamics applicable to this case include personality conflicts, the operation of the jurors’ minds and their joint effort in determining the truth. The movie represents an entire spectrum of humanity, from the coldly analytical juror number four to the bigotry characteristic of juror number 10. Even though the jurors portrayed good and bad traits, all of them had...
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12 Angry Men (Movie)

... 12 Angry Men (Film) Question Symbolic convergence theory Symbolic convergence theory explains the cohesive nature of social groups by sharing emotions, meanings and motives. The theory postulates that humans always want to understand an occurrence depending on the people involved their motivations, personality traits and agency of the occurrence. The same is the case in the film as the twelve jurors make their decision by systematically changing their belief on the guilt of the defender. Eleven of them decide that the boy is guilty without considering any of the evident effectively. They do so owing to the effects of discussion in the courtroom coupled with their individual prejudices that prevent them from understanding the context...
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Movie Analysis: 12 Angry Men

...the organizational behavior he familiarizes himself with socially. Cultural, economic and psychological factors are also portrayed in this film. The different forms of conflicts revealed in the movie 12 Angry Men are as following; • Man vs. Man • Man vs. Society • Man vs. Self • Man vs. Nature The instance of man vs. man conflict is revealed when juror 10 expresses the opinion that the accused is guilty just because he is from the other side of town. He already made up his mind based on the opinions he has about people from the slums. The man vs. society conflict is revealed when juror 8 holds higher standards of justice and convinces the other eleven jurors that the accused...
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