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As a matter of fact, most of the people in America have a great phobia of public speaking. As a nurse there is a need for having near perfect communication and public speaking skills. One of the basic…
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Course Reflection on Public Speaking Class
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Public Speaking Public Speaking Public speaking has always been a challenge to most of the people in the US. As a matter of fact, most of the people in America have a great phobia of public speaking. As a nurse there is a need for having near perfect communication and public speaking skills. One of the basic elements of nursing is communication. I have noticed that there is more to nursing than the technical aspects; for example, there is need to understand the workplace culture, respect, rapport with patients and asking for support when needed. This paper will discuss some of the most important things that I have learnt in my public speaking class (Jaffe, 2012).
To start with, I have gained much confidence when speaking in public. I was always nervous any time I got a chance of speaking in public. The nervousness was evident; right from sweaty palms, cracking the voice and butterflies in the stomach. The nervousness means that I could not be able to communicate efficiently and effectively. This has drastically changed since I joined the public speaking class. I have gained communication skills that can help me develop as a public speaker. In addition, we do a lot of practice of oral presentation and this has really worked on my confidence. In the absence of fear and nervousness, I am able to make convincing presentations. This has been achieved through maintaining eye contacts, use of right language and tone in the speech (Jaffe, 2012).
Secondly, the public speaking class has helped me in improving my accent. As a nurse, the effects of accent in communication can lead to detrimental effects. The modification of the accent helps in avoiding miscommunication and even medical errors that might be caused by the accent problem. The course has helped me increase my effectiveness and efficiency in professional and social communication. In essence, my content delivery has greatly improved (Jaffe, 2012). A simple word in communication can mean loss of life or a patient getting the wrong medication. In addition, public speaking skills have given me the confidence to work in any English-speaking country without fear of being misunderstood when communicating verbally.
Lastly, the public speaking class has improved my listening skills. Most of the people lack the patience of listening. As a matter of fact, someone once said that the listening skill is a skill that is almost becoming extinct. A nurse must always learn how to listen to his or her patients, the other medical practitioners like the doctors and other colleagues. I have learnt how to become an active listener. Active listening gives one an opportunity to give a valid and well-reasoned feedback (Jaffe, 2012). It will also help me get clarification when the need arises. When one is an active listener, he encourages the flow of information. The essence of active listening as a nurse cannot be ignored. I have gained three components of active communication; reflective technique, questioning skills and listening orientation (Jaffe, 2012).
The skills gained in the public speaking class have been very essential. I have improved my way of communication, especially through the improved use of nonverbal skills and the confidence of communication. I have been improving my rapport with patients and colleagues, in addition I have gained my confidence in my work. I have also improved my image in the eyes of those around me.
Jaffe, C. I. (2012). Public speaking: Concepts and skills for a diverse society. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Read More
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