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Look at Your Fish - Assignment Example

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This paper declares that Professor Agassiz kept telling Scudder to look at the fish because he was after teaching Scudder to be observant and even be able to see beyond what the ordinary eye could see. The professor wanted Scudder to think about the facts apart from just knowing them also. …
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Look at Your Fish
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Extract of sample "Look at Your Fish"

Download file to see previous pages The professor was also trying to teach Scudder to refer to the facts because whatever he/she would say, he would still tell him/her to look at the fish as a point of reference.
At first, Scudder took a very short time to look at the fish and with an idea of a fish at the back of the mind, concluded that he/she had seen everything that was required of him/her. This was from the general knowledge he/she had about a fish and with that, he/she thought it was all about a fish. Scudder again after lunch came and when he/she tried out drawing the fish, it dawned on him/her that there were new features that he/she was discovered then. After another serious look in the afternoon, he/she even noticed how shallow he/she had been with his/her previous observations. The following morning, he/she was even able to explain what he/she had seen but in a new way, which was actually what the professor was trying to teach him/her. As time passed by with constant observation and of course with concentration, Scudder learned more and more. We can conclude that he/she actually would learn everything about the fish if he/she were given more time.
Scudder changed from just seeing what the ordinary eye could see now seeing beyond and even be able to explain the observations. He/she also changed and learned to be patient and persistent in his/her learning. Scudder also changed from just being a mere learner into an expert in the field of study. Scudder developed a lot of interest and gained a lot of knowledge in that field of study, something he/she could not do before and would now do more than what was expected of a learner.
Professor Agassiz’s method of teaching was very effective from my point of view. This is due to the positive effects it has caused to Scudder as a leaner. Firstly, it gives the learner an ample time to be able to learn from them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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