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For instance, technological inventions used in calibrating, repairing, and maintaining medical instruments (Jayachandran et al., 2014). Because…
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Biomedical Technology and Cancer Treatment Topic: Biomedical Technology and Cancer Treatment Research question: How does the improvement in biomedical technology effects cancer treatment and care?
Reasons for the interest: As an engineer, conducting research in biomedical technology and its contribution to the treatment of cancer helps save life.
The research will outline various biomedical technology programs that are essential to the design and construction of medical systems. For instance, technological inventions used in calibrating, repairing, and maintaining medical instruments (Jayachandran et al., 2014). Because of their inventions, hospitals and medical facilities have upgraded to high-tech environments. Further, there are inventions and development of devices that are essential to improving human health. Most of the devices invented are important in the diagnosis of diseases such as cancer.
Notably, biomedical technology improvement has tremendously contributed to major boosts in not only treatment of cancer, but also its care and control (Ekins, Hupcey & Williams, 2011). Engineered technologies have been essential to improving drug delivery systems for release of therapeutic agents that are under control. Drugs are vital in improving health as well as giving life an extension. The last few decades experienced significant changes and improvement of biomedical technology is indicated anticipated positive changes in the future. Biomedical technology improvement is not only contributing to substantial comprehension of physiological barriers that hinder efficient cancer drug delivery.
Renowned scholars in the field of biomedical technology include Sabrina Galloway, Devaraj Jayachandran, and Robert Hannemman. They have not only conducted research but also written peer-reviewed article on cancer treatment using biomedical technology.
The research will involve the use of peer-reviewed articles and credible books as credible literature on the topic. In addition, conducting interviews with resource persons who have researched or worked in environments related to the issue will also be appropriate for the research. The research will address diverse ideas including contributions of biomedical technology in the treatment of cancer. Further, it will address concerns of biomedical technology application in identifying a solution to best methods of providing care to the cancer victims through care.
Organization of the research will include an introduction. The introduction will focus on giving definition and meaning of terms. Second, the research will contain an abstract that outlines a brief overview of the issue of biomedical and its relevance in the treatment of cancer (Liu & Huang, 2014). The abstract will cover, in brief, the entire contents of the research. Then literature review will follow. In the literature review, the content will cite works already done by other scholars and researchers concerning the topic of biomedical technology in the treatment of cancer. The research will also have a detailed presentation of current studies and their findings on cancer treatment. Such research must contain some statistics following current research and its discussion. Finally, the research will have a succinct conclusion that gives a summary of the contributions, relevance, applications, and limitations of biomedical technology in the treatment of cancer.
By doing the research paper, it helps in understanding the contributions of improved biomedical technology towards curbing the spread and threats of cancer. The research further serves to widen existing knowledge on drugs’ delivery systems. It highlights the importance of biomedical technology towards treating, controlling, and caring for cancer patients.
Ekins, S., Hupcey, M. A., & Williams, A. J. (2011). Collaborative Computational Technologies for Biomedical Research. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons.
Jayachandran, D., Rundell, A. E., Hannemann, R. E., Vik, T. A., & Ramkrishna, D. (2014). Optimal Chemotherapy for Leukemia: A Model-Based Strategy for Individualized Treatment. Plos ONE, 9(10), 1-18. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0109623
Liu, H., & Huang, C. (2014). Rapid and Sensitive Controlled Release Monitoring Method of Biomedical Combined Products with IDM for Pain Management and Cancer Treatment. Bio-Medical Materials & Engineering, 24(1), 757-762. doi: 10.3233/BME-130864 Read More
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