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My grandmother had vehemently condemned using our phones during a time that family should be using family time to interact. This was a wakeup call…
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Research questions
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1. Is social media really serving the purpose of making people more sociable or is it creating an introverted generation? During last year’s Thanksgiving Day, an issue had been raised at the dinner table about using mobile phones on the dinner table. My grandmother had vehemently condemned using our phones during a time that family should be using family time to interact. This was a wakeup call for me as I thought just how this indeed was the opposite of socializing. Most of us had been busy updating our status, checking comments, posting photos and this got into our old lady’s nerves. She complained of the young people always being glued to the screens of their phones, and this is becoming a one of the most contentious issues discussed nowadays in our contemporary societies. That is when I thought social media could actually be an opposite of social and does not make people sociable. Information on this will be easily gathered from my peers and other internet resources.
2. Is America’s engagement in other countries’ peacekeeping bids a show of a double standard?
After watching the movie “John Doe Vigilante,” I was left with too many unanswered questions after I got some enlightening from the movie. The vigilante at some point, in police custody and awaiting court’s verdict, asks where we draw a line between a vigilante and soldiers. They all work for a noble course, but a vigilante will be prosecuted for fighting for the justice of those that the system cannot do justice. In war, many innocent people suffer, including women and children. When do we justify the work of our soldiers as a noble course, where do we draw the line? War journals and articles discussing aftermath of war will be a good place to start while looking for information on this topic.
3. Gender equity and gender equality are these terms and their application contradictory??
Whenever we do a module that deals with Gender equity and gender equality, I cannot help but think that these two terms are contradictory. In our definition, Gender equity implies to efforts of allocating resources, decision-making, and programs fairly to both females and males and addressing any imbalances on sex basis. Gender equality means all sexes are equal. There is, therefore, contradiction in that we give some sexes what seems to be a free pass to address the imbalances and at the same time, assert that all sexes are equal. Shouldn’t all sexes be treated by order of merit? Should there be posts such as Women Representative in some governments? The internet will be an ideal place to gather information on this topic. Read More
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