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This image shows the emaciated HIV/AIDS patient. It is indubitable that reckless unprotected sex with an infected person will lead to HIV/AIDS infection. Therefore,…
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Visual media
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ENGLISH VISUAL MEDIA This is social image because it is addressing the social problem whichaffects many individuals which is HIV/AIDS. This image shows the emaciated HIV/AIDS patient. It is indubitable that reckless unprotected sex with an infected person will lead to HIV/AIDS infection. Therefore, people have to get the facts concerning HIV and change their reckless lifestyles in order to be safe lest they fall victims of the Disease.
The artist does not pass an indictment to the people infected and affected but informs all people not to be victims of HIV. The artist advocates people to be vigilant about their behavior lest they become victims. The people should stop living in ignorance but get the facts about the HIV which include how the virus is transmitted, care and treatment and nutrition to those who are infected so that they may live long. People must stay protected from the disease.
This image impacts the viewer in a significant way. It encourages him/her to be vigilant. This ensures that the viewers are tested to know their status. This will enable them to live life fully with the knowledge of the HIV. The image also acts as a reminder of the existence of the disease that has no cure.
The health providers are behind this image and to be specific the Health organization. The firm is encouraging people to be tested for the HIV virus. It is important to note that all people are vulnerable to the disease with equity whether one is living a prestigious life or in abject poverty. Therefore, individuals should always stay protected to avoid infections.
This image mobilizes me to be a source of voice to those who are living in ignorance. I am charged to be tested and to live a protected life without carelessness.
Basically, I think the motif is effective since it has shown an emaciated person to put more emphasis on the seriousness of the disease. It is inane to show an obese person in HIV awareness. Read More
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