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Composing Self - Assignment Example

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After you had bashed out the forms that indicated that you no longer wanted us to apply the five-paragraph-theme in your assignments, some of us were…
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Composing Self
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Extract of sample "Composing Self"

Outlawing of the Five-Paragraph-Theme (5PT) Personal reaction When you issued a form in to outlaw the use of the five-paragraph-theme in writing, the class reacted in different ways. After you had bashed out the forms that indicated that you no longer wanted us to apply the five-paragraph-theme in your assignments, some of us were saddened while some were pleased with this kind of move. Personally, I felt excited by this move to outlaw this style of writing. It is my contention that those who teach using the five paragraph theme, just like the representatives of the patriarchal society, have been so complacent with this tool. They have stated that this tool purports to nurture students. However, it stunts the growth of our minds as students (Wesley, 2000).
Leaving the form behind meant that you hand an intention of expanding our level of reasoning. I had read in several published journals about the effects of the five paragraph theme. In my opinion, I felt that this writing tool had become a national phenomenon for most of us as students. The status quo that has always reinforced the high school composition instructions is quite dangerous. It came to my mind that you might found out that the five paragraph theme had become so bring in writing and we needed to learn other tools (Wesley, 2000).
The idea of abolishing the five paragraph theme as a writing style caused a lot of anxiety. I knew that we would now be taught about a new writing style. I became more eager to learn about a new style and put it into practice. I started feeling that being introduced to a new style would give me a chance to write more. The five paragraph theme had always been restricting me to only five paragraphs in my writing. For example, our teacher would ask to write a seven page essay about two novels. In these kinds of situations, I used to find it quite challenging in fitting a seven page essay in five paragraphs. I felt so excited when our teacher abolished the 5PT. I have a chance to write more without restrictions.
Wesley, K. (2000). The Ill Effects of the Five Paragraph Theme. The English Journal. 81(8) Read More
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