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Elevator Pitch - Assignment Example

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After conducting a thorough research, I found out that there still exists a very wide gap in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) that still need to be exploited…
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Elevator Pitch
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Extract of sample "Elevator Pitch"

Elevator Pitch for Sure Laptop As an enterprising entrepreneur, I would like to launch, Sure Laptop as a new product in the market. After conducting a thorough research, I found out that there still exists a very wide gap in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) that still need to be exploited. Although there are currently lots of brands of laptops in the market, my research discovered that more refined products still need to be made. For this reason, I plan to introduce this product into the market.
Sure Laptop is a new product that comes with lots of features. First, it will be highly portable and easy to carry along. Besides, it will have a well developed and attractive screen from which the owner can comfortably view the system. Moreover, it will have an in-built Central Processing Unit (CPU) with the fastest speed ever. Meaning, it will be able to process documents and operate more hastily. Lastly, it will have a very big capacity of storing a large volume of data.
So, Sure Laptop is a new product that needs to be supported. Apart from being a product of an extensive scientific research, it comes with attractive features that will make it quite exceptional. With an initial budget of $20 million, more investors need to come along. They will definitely get huge returns from their investments. The project is realistic and will be accomplished within a time frame of one year, a time by which it will be expected to have penetrated the market. Read More
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