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Using first person pronoun creates assertiveness. In some situations a person can decide to emphasize on agency based on who does what. The first person pronoun is important in situation where one needs to point out how…
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Using the first person In research writing
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FIRST PERSON IN RESEARCH WRITING affiliation PROS AND CONS IN USING PERSONAL PRONOUNS IN RESEARCH WRITING Using personal pronouns in research multiple benefits. Using first person pronoun creates assertiveness. In some situations a person can decide to emphasize on agency based on who does what. The first person pronoun is important in situation where one needs to point out how valuable their project is to a certain academic discipline. It also creates the unique argument and perspective. Consequently, for the purposes of clarity, using first person pronoun is important. When a researcher tries to avoid this pronoun, it leads to awkward sentence structure and vagueness (Ridley, 2008). For this reason, using a first person pronoun improves a researcher’s writing style. The third benefit for the first person pronoun is that it makes the researcher position himself in the study. In certain researches, one needs to explain how the ideas or research build on or departed from other people’s work, in this case the researcher will say “I”. For this reason, when one needs to claim some authority, on a given topic, then first person pronoun might help.
There are few disadvantages of using first person pronoun in a research setting. It is always recommended that the researcher need to see the entire research from a third person perspective, this is because the first person pronouns is less professional. Additionally, it much difficult to for one to analyze the whole situation from the perspective of a first person, compared to the third person. The above named disadvantages provide the same reason why institutions do not allow the use of these pronouns. I do not agree the decision that the institutions hold against using the pronouns. This is because despite the named disadvantages, first person pronouns enable a research paper to have that assertiveness and clarity in their discussion, thereby providing a unique argument and perspective.
Ridley, D. (2008). The literature review. London: SAGE. Read More
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