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Through her art, Princess Hijab identifies threats of the loss of individuality as well as dehumanization of the society because of people’s constant exposure the media and advertising in particular. At the same time, through the messages of her art, she can inspire aggressive…
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Essay 1 Background work
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Veiled is defined as something disguised, masked, hidden or concealed by, or as if by, a veil; threat is an expression of intention to do harm.
Through her art, Princess Hijab identifies threats of the loss of individuality as well as dehumanization of the society because of people’s constant exposure the media and advertising in particular. At the same time, through the messages of her art, she can inspire aggressive attitudes in radical activists due to the fact that the main idea of her art is quite ambiguous.
At the same time, her critics claim that she may be an extremist and antifeminist because of what they believe the message of her art is as well as because of her anonymity. By such statements, they may ignite aggressive attitude towards the artist and towards the ideas Princess Hijab expresses; also, critics may distort the overall idea of PH’s art and cause misunderstanding in the society.
First of all, the message of the art itself is veiled and, due to this, it is open for interpretation and criticism. Through the anonymity of her persona, she veils her real intentions as well as the background that inspired her to act that way. By deciding to be an anonymous artists, she might be veiling from herself the desire to be paid attention at and being publicly discussed.
Her critics, in their turn, veil the society’s negative attitude towards everything and everybody new, unknown, and, more importantly innovative / unlike all other people. By this, they may veil their jealousy for being in the spot light. Read More
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