If and when I raise children, I'll never - Assignment Example

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It requires dedication and giving a lot of time and thought as well as huge amounts of patience. Yet parents can decide on a reasonable schedule and frame some important rules for themselves. This will allow…
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If and when I raise children, I'll never
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Raising kids Raising a well-rounded, confident and self-reliant child is not easy. It requires dedication and giving a lot of time and thought as well as huge amounts of patience. Yet parents can decide on a reasonable schedule and frame some important rules for themselves. This will allow their child to grow in an environment that leads to good health and happiness.
I think children need to grow up in an atmosphere where they are comfortable being themselves and do not feel threatened or pressurized. Therefore I shall never threaten my child either physically or verbally. I shall also try not to have arguments with my partner when my child is around so that s/he always feels secure. I shall never try to compare my child with any other child. Instead I shall encourage my child to work harder and also try new things so s/he may find where his/her aptitude lies. I will try to set up a solid support system at home that will reassure my little one that no matter what, we will always be there for him/her and our love will always be as strong.
My child’s health will be a major concern and I shall always strive to keep the child away from passive smoking – meaning a strict no smoking at home, and reduce to the minimum unhealthy eating. Stressing the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body will be an important part of my efforts to raise my child. I shall encourage the child to play outdoor games and maintain hygienic habits. I would like my child to develop the ability to keep an open mind and not rush to conclusions without due thought and consideration. I shall therefore encourage reading habits and logical thinking.
I think a parent’s listening skills are very important to a child’s overall development. I shall never brush aside the child’s fears or doubts. I shall set time aside for my child in order to give him/her the confidence to be able to confide problems or worries thus helping avoid major disturbances. I sincerely hope that when I do become a parent, I shall be a good one and bring up a physically and emotionally well-balanced human being. Read More
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