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Quotation Analysis - Assignment Example

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“No pain no gain” is an idiom that is used to imply that if one is to achieve something good, such as a personal milestone or a promotion, then he or she has to work hard. The saying “success does not come on a silver plata” goes hand in hand with this idiom. It is used…
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Quotation Analysis
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Extract of sample "Quotation Analysis"

“No pain, No gain” “No pain no gain” is an idiom that is used to imply that if one is to achieve something good, such as a personal milestone or a promotion, then he or she has to work hard. The saying “success does not come on a silver plata” goes hand in hand with this idiom. It is used to motivate people to endure the difficulties of attaining their goals while focusing on their main purpose. Taking short cuts to achieve the same result is seen as dishonest. Although not all gains need pain, a few things are attained through easily
In the real world, the idiom “no pain no gain” has been used as an exercise motto for exercises to promise greater rewards for painful and hard work. Therefore, competitive professionals that include artists and athletes are needed to endure pressure and pain to attain professional excellence. It expresses the belief that for one to develop solid large muscles they need to train and constantly suffer sore muscles. This idiom has also been used in the field of education to encourage the poorly performing students to press on and work harder despite the challenges they face. It is through hard work that they will be assured of better results (Wimmer, 96).
Therefore, the phrase “No pain, No gain” means that God rewards those who work hard. In life nothing comes the easy way instead one has to work for it. If anyone desires to be successful and enjoy a brighter future, he must be ready to endure the challenges and problems that come along the way. For example, in education if a student desires to have good results and better grades he or she must be ready to sacrifice so many things, put in more time and work extra hard.
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