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Christopher Hitchens gives an account of his personal life by remembering waking up one morning feeling so ill that he had found it difficult to move from his bed. He recalls struggling to get up and call emergency services, being diagnosed with cancer, and eventually he had to…
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Topic of Cancer by Christopher Hitchens
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Topic of Cancer- Christopher Hitchens Christopher Hitchens gives an account of his personal life by remembering waking up one morning feeling so ill that he had found it difficult to move from his bed. He recalls struggling to get up and call emergency services, being diagnosed with cancer, and eventually he had to come to terms with the diagnosis (616). He demonstrates his helpless condition by affirming that the five stages of pain did not really mean anything to him in that case. He offers a detailed description of his view on chemotherapy or on the treatment of his condition by saying that one ends up relinquishing their hair, taste buds and coherent thought for some years in which one has to live on earth. He outlines that he did not feel angered by the condition irrespective of how negative it made him feel in his body.
He outlines some of his personal achievements as a way to offer an assurance that he had done much on the planet. He was a credible author, a greater contributor to the New Statesman, the Nation, the Times Literary Supplement, the London Review of Books and the Atlantic. The author sought to offer an inner thought that takes place in the mind of cancer patients. He sought to bring out that having cancer is always described as a battle, and when someone is free of cancer that they had "won the battle." If they died, however, they "lost the battle." (617). He affirms that what is always pictured is a valiant internal conflict, but thats not what it feels like at all.
Instead, he remembered feeling as powerless against the cancer as he was receiving treatment, almost like a sugar lump dissolving in water which confirms the deep pain he was going through.
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Hitchens, Christopher. Mortality. New York: Atlantic Books Ltd, 2012. Internet resource. Read More
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