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The combination of old and lonely leads to conclude the mood of the picture as being desolate and melancholy. Melancholy is associated with aged things which seem to be…
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Eveline Describe the mood evoked by the photograph The photograph indicates houses that seem very old and the streets that are deserted except for one soul. The combination of old and lonely leads to conclude the mood of the picture as being desolate and melancholy. Melancholy is associated with aged things which seem to be falling apart and no one wants to be associated with these places because of their physical condition. The fact that there are no people in the photograph is an indication of the place being lonely bringing out the desolate mood (Joyce 517).
The photograph is also dark and depicted in black and white but the major dominating color is black. This darkness that surrounds the photograph brings the mood of gloom. This place lacks any color surrounding it. Not even the buildings have been painted a bright color. It is as if event eh owners of these buildings have no life or fun to look forward to and hence the dark color in their building and surroundings.
Anything that is gloomy attracts the mood of sadness and this is what eventually hits an individual after the analysis of the features of the photography. The light at the end of the photograph brings about a little change of mood as the mood changes from that of sadness and desolation to that of hope for the distance future. The mood of hope from the light however seems to be on only a few places, while the rest still maintain the mood described above of gloom and melancholy.
Compare it with the tone associated with urban life in Joyce’s story Eveline
Eveline’s tone in the narrative is full of sadness and at times dejection. She is weary of the little town she calls home and of her family as well. Everything in her surrounding brings sadness and pessimism about her life and what it has amounted to. Her childhood home has become empty as the people she knew and grew up with left starting from her mother who passed away and friends who have left for other places. The loneliness is similar to that of the buildings in the photograph which leads to melancholy and gloom.
She is bitter with her father for leaving her all alone to support the family which includes her two younger brothers and the father himself (Joyce 514). The desolation that has surrounded her home is the same that surrounds the buildings in the photograph which have no ounce of color to brighten them up and which eventually only adds up to the general tone of sadness.
Amidst all this sadness and bitterness, she has a window of hope for her future. She wants to leave and get married in another place. There is hope of starting over and meeting new people which not only brings hope but also happiness. Eveline’s hope is just like the light at the corner of the photograph that brings a little hope about the future. Similar to the light which only shines on a small potion, the hope she has is limited to her alone. She will leave the rest of her family living in desolation and resentful of her leaving them.
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Joyce, James. Dubliners. London: Cricket House Books, 2010. Print. Read More
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