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Peak moment anaysis - Essay Example

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Now, the words life and death in our society has become really common in the world. At this moment, someone is born, and someone dies. For this reason, more life, and death, a long way in the process is that it is more…
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Peak moment anaysis
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Download file to see previous pages The core value of the real life is to help the community.
According to Loehr, (2015), values are important not only for work but also they reflect on a daily, at work or at home who we are (para 5). This whole approach to values as a person helps us become a better leader in all aspects of life not only in our careers. As a leader values will give you a sense of life and lead a purposeful life. As a person, I have to make a decision to live a life with purpose. This decision will significantly affect my job and future life. It is easier to find my values when I have stronger root of core values.
Values are connected both personal and social. To fulfill one, the other is also fulfilled. The knowledge of values contributes to individual development, a sense of commitment, a better moral character and how to respond to the aspects of life. Personal and social values make one to have self-knowledge and be able to understand the needs, rights, feeling, and experiences of others and relate them to the current environment (Gulla, p.265).
My values shall be personal so that I do not replicate them for others. Sometimes people tend to look at others and copy what they do because they think the reason they are succeeding is through the values they have (Rønnow-Rasmussen, p.2).
Four years ago, I left to LA to reflect and find my core values. As an international student who takes ESL, most of my time was consumed at the airport because of my improper English. Additionally, I had to waste three more hours to catch a taxi. I admit that it was because of not only poor English but also the fear that I felt when I was trying to speak it. Finally, I found a taxi that would take me to my hotel. It was such an exhausting ride since this taxi had to stop at more than ten hotels to drop other customers. However, when I reached the hotel that I reserved, I saw my future.
Although it was around 11 PM at that time, the view ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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