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Answer chapter 8 question - Essay Example

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Answer: Communication is very important quality to develop for masters student as we cannot live without communicating our thoughts with others or listening to others thought. Selection of appropriate words is basic while writing is important. Because when we speak, others…
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Answer chapter 8 question
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Ch. 8: Aplia, Homework Question and Answers Question: Master qualities – Communicating Answer: Communication is very important quality to develop for masters student as we cannot live without communicating our thoughts with others or listening to others thought. Selection of appropriate words is basic while writing is important. Because when we speak, others understand meaning easily by virtue of gestures and postures. But while reading our message, our reader cannot see us. There must not be a noise that revokes the listener or reader to understand our meaning.
Question: Choosing to listen and choosing to speak
Answer: Neither choosing to listen nor choosing to speak is easy task. Both jobs require concentration and energy to decipher the words of the listener or speaker. While listening, we must, concentrate on the meanings of the speaker, sustain eye contact, be quiet, send acknowledgement. While reading someone’s message, even then try your best to decipher the meaning of writer. Do not assume anything or draw conclusion if some word is confusing. Just write back for clarification. When speaking, try to keep listeners engaged through gestures and postures and make your meaning and words clear for listeners.
Question: Developing emotional intelligence and managing conflict
Answer: Emotions are driving force. How to handle emotions intelligently is called emotional intelligence. Do not take anything personally. You would face a lot of conflicts but you need to manage conflicts by controlling your emotions by taking deep breath and trying to see the outcome of your would be action as a result of emotions.
Question: Three phases of effective writing
Answer: We write all the day: on cell phones, on the internet, in a class, etc. This demonstrates the importance of writing. Getting ready to write, writing a first draft and revising your draft are three phases of writing best practices. Following these phases make us write effectively.
Q. Academic integrity - Avoid plagiarism
Answer: Academic writing papers and report are designed to make you do your own work that transforms your skills. But copying the works of other serves no purpose. It is unethical, it is a theft and it is a bar in the way of learning. So we must try to just use the research of other with proper citation and to prove our thesis statements.
Dave Ellis, Doug Toft (2015) “Becoming a Masters Student” 15th Edition, Cengage Learning Read More
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