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A Chance to Study Doctor in Pharmacy Degree - Personal Statement Example

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The author of the paper "A Chance to Study Doctor in Pharmacy Degree" will begin with the statement that ambition, strong academic background, work experience, and passion for health care and medicine, he believes he is the best candidate for the course…
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A Chance to Study Doctor in Pharmacy Degree
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Extract of sample "A Chance to Study Doctor in Pharmacy Degree"

Pharmacy plays a vital role in contemporary society and the future, where the discovery of drugs and vaccines and research can cure and prevent evolving diseases.
Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor in Biochemistry at Middle Tennessee State University. It has given me a strong grounding of medicinal chemistry and pharmaceuticals, pharmacy, pharmaceutics practice and pharmacology. My areas of interest include cell and molecular biology, medicines design, disease pathology, pharmacology, and systematic physiology. Studying Biochemistry, I have learned that my strength lies in the field of pharmacy and pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree will help fulfill my goals in the future. My educational background has assisted much in shaping my career goals and interests.
I have worked as a CVS for two years as a Pharmacy Technician. While working in this position, I was responsible, diligent, paid attention to details pertaining to the job. I worked with a large number of patients with diverse health conditions and offered unwavering assistance in improving and maintaining their health. Through offering assistance to patients I gained positive interpersonal and professional skills in dealing with patients. I am also a member of pre-script, a club of medical pre-professionals, where I enjoy meeting new people allowing me to acquire a greater understanding of their perception, theories, and ideas in the field of pharmacy.
Together with my current knowledge, experience, and skills, which I can input in your school of Pharmacy, I believe a Doctor in Pharmacy degree; provides practical application and relevant principles associated with pharmaceutical, medicine, and drug sciences. Undertaking self-development, work-based, and research assignments, I will manage projects, which can contribute to the field of pharmacy, while working in the clinic or the laboratory environment. I am eagerly anticipating the challenge of a career involving lifelong learning. During Pharmacy school, I intend to use the valuable values and skills such as honor, commitment, the courage that I learned through my personal and educational experience to contribute to the university lifestyle. I am a very determined, enthusiastic and reliable person who will relish the chance to study Doctor in Pharmacy degree if given the chance. Read More
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(Pharmacy As a Career Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Pharmacy As a Career Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Pharmacy As a Career Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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