How you have experienced social change in Qatar over the last 5 years or so - Essay Example

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It is illustrated by advancements in cultural signs and rules of conduct. Over the past five years, Qatar has been experiencing advancements in their social culture. Previously, women were not authorized to…
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How you have experienced social change in Qatar over the last 5 years or so
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Social change in Qatar Social Change in Qatar Answer one Social change is the adjustment of structures within the society. It is illustrated by advancements in cultural signs and rules of conduct. Over the past five years, Qatar has been experiencing advancements in their social culture. Previously, women were not authorized to participate in certain sports. For instance, Qatari female athletes experienced many challenges associated with religion, family, and developing gender dynamics. However, this has changed as the number of women participating in athletics has increased (Overman & Sagert, 2012). According to different reports, the number of college students participating in basketball in the country has increased. The above changes are largely because Qatar has been hosting numerous sporting events. Mubarak Al Mana, who is the head of the country’s women’s sport committee, has played an important role in supporting women’s involvement in sports. Apart from the increase in the number of women participating in the country’s labor force, most of them tend to focus in certain occupations, particularly teaching and clerical jobs.
Answer two
As the Qatar society started the complex process of implementing social change decade ago, the imbalanced status of women became prominent. It also became a difficult obstacle. Nevertheless, the country has taken vital recognizable steps in the past five years to ensure that women have similar privileges as men. For instance, women have the privilege to vote and contend for any political position during their parliamentary elections (Great Britain, 2004). In 2010, Sheikha Maha Mansour was appointed as the first woman judge in the country. This greatly indicated how Qatar was experiencing a speedy social change. The situation also created an important example to other women who are currently studying different courses previously meant for men. Another recognizable social change is the organization of the family laws. Formerly, resolutions of family problems were dependent on the judge’s understanding of Islamic law. However, this has changed since 2003 when women were given the privilege to participate in public life and business. In addition, they also have the privilege to travel alone because laws requiring a guardian’s authority for a woman to be given a passport were withdrawn during this period.
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Overman, S. J., & Sagert, K. B. (2012). Icons of womens sport. Santa Barbara, Calif: Greenwood. Read More
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