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Praise the Humble Dung Beetle - Essay Example

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But the depletion in the number of dung beetles is more problematic because due to their extinction the process of rolling up and burying of feces would decline. There are a total of 238 species of…
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Praise the Humble Dung Beetle
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Extract of sample "Praise the Humble Dung Beetle"

Praise The Humble Dung Beetle Praise The Humble Dung Beetle All animals are equally important whether it is the polar bears or dung beetles. But the depletion in the number of dung beetles is more problematic because due to their extinction the process of rolling up and burying of feces would decline. There are a total of 238 species of invertebrates including the spiders and the dung beetles that are disappearing from the face of this earth and especially in the region of United States (Begley 2008). Their disappearance would not emotionally move the general population but once they disappear, the negative effects of their disappearance would be felt throughout United States. The media as well as the law makers are biased towards these invertebrates although these creatures are of tremendous importance to the society. It is not the large animals that are feeding the majority of the population. It is these invertebrates that help in the stabilization of soil and help in providing people with majority of their diet. Furthermore they even help in the development of necessary drugs for serious illnesses. Such as the molecules that help in the development of a drug called compound taxol that helps in the treatment of breast cancer and they even help in developing a medicine for patients suffering from leukemia. Their existence is even essential to encourage scientists in developing new elements. For example they have encouraged engineers in developing methods that can help in the extraction of water from fog. These invertebrates are very necessary and the government needs to take measures such as providing them protection under Endangered Species Act.
Begley, S. (2008). Begley: Praise the Humble Dung Beetle. Retrieved 1 January 2015, from Read More
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