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The Beatles and drugs - Essay Example

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The Beatles were with no doubt the most influential British band of the 1960s, with their music bringing a revolution to the music face as well as rock and roll. This influence was made possible by four young men of the band: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George…
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The Beatles and drugs
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Extract of sample "The Beatles and drugs"

Download file to see previous pages This change however was not only affecting Britain but the rest of foreign countries in their music and exposing them to new ways of life. It is then argumentative and controversial as to whether the Beatles made positive or negative changes to the lives of Britons in the period. It is in this essay, therefore, that we shall figure out this by focusing on various influences the Beatles had on music and life of the people of Britain.
The Beatles are known to have had a great influence in the 1960s, to the British society through a unique music they composed and sang. The existing and growth of rock and roll, for instance, is highly attributed to them as they are the very first band that came up with a musical style. Rock and roll style became quite useful during the years of war, 1939- 1945. Through the Beatles, it called for people to exercise patriotism and reunite with soldiers to make the existing situation better (Gammond & Peter, 1993). One of the singers of these times of war was Vera Lynn, with her songs like: The White Cliffs of Dover and Well Meet Again bringing her to fame in Britain, during the period. The pre-rock and roll era in Britain is, therefore, said to have existed in the 1940s and 50s. Frankie Vaughan and Dickie Valentine were the solo singers who dominated the music industry, with the musical tunes they had borrowed from the Beatles. A big difference is clear between the music of the pre-Beatle era and that of the Beatles onwards. The Pre- Beatle era, for instance, was less modernized and quite unproductive time for music in Britain. Times however became better in the following years where the Beatle band began and consequent ones, as music then began moving to the desired direction. Following the rock and roll era was the rhythm and blues music; which was determined to take over the Beatles, who had already taken the music industry by storm. It was through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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