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Why I choose accounting as my major - Essay Example

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It is used to measure the results of business activities of an organization and communicate the same to the integral members of the organization, who…
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Why I choose accounting as my major
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Download file to see previous pages Financial accounting is the reporting of the financial information about a particular organization or company to the external stakeholders or potential stakeholder that include, investors, suppliers and regulators, the report is mostly in the form of financial statements. Management accounting mostly focuses on measurement analyzing, and reporting of financial information for internal use in decision making by the management.
Bookkeeping which is also done by accountants, is the process of recording all the financial transactions of an organization that will be used to provide summaries that are usually presented in final reports of most of these financial reports. Most of the time the processes of accounting are done by accounting organizations that are not usually part of an organization. They come in as external auditor to assess the efficiency with which a particular company is managing finances.
One of the most basic motivations towards one undertaking a particular major in college is the interest and conformity with the requirements of that particular degree. In my case, accounting has been my major area of interest for the fact that it offers diverse opportunities to learn the business market and how it operates. At the same time, one has to ensure that he or she understands the basic requirement in terms of personal attributes for optimal performance. For instance, while working as an accountant, one has to be good at mathematics, detail oriented and organized. Most of the time, the workload given to an accountant is manageable and one can be able to meet the targets easily. However, as Bragg (34) affirms, it needs some degree of organization to enable one to carry on tasks within stipulated time and with maximum attention.
Moreover, accounting deals with mathematics when coming up with the reports, therefore before one decides to take on the career, they have to be certain that they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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