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They are also used in teaching biology, training of medical students as well as medical experiments in universities and other learning institutions that…
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We must ban animal testing
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Download file to see previous pages In the testing of cosmetics, various cleaners and various other consumer products, numerous animals are putrefied, made blind and killed each year by companies. These animals are supposed to breathe in poisonous gases, dogs are required to eat insecticides while rabbits have scarring compounds smeared on their bodies and eyes. Most of the tests that are conducted on animals are not a requirement of the law and in most cases; their outcomes are inexact and misrepresentative. Regardless of whether a product harms an animal or not, it still ends up in the shelves for customers to buy (PETA). The fatal and unpleasant experiments that take place as part of huge supervisory analysis initiatives are in most instances financed by taxpayers’ money.
Thesis: Millions of animals experience suffering and are ultimately killed in various kinds of experiments even though modern alternatives have demonstrated that they can produce more accurate results compared to the animal tests
Animals testing, which is also known as in vivo testing involves the use of animals that are not human in testing some where some of the experiments entail the observation of the behavior of the animals. These tests are conducted in universities, medical institutions, drug companies and commercial facilities that provide the services to other industries. Some of the research entails pure research like genetics, developmental biology, testing of drugs as well as cosmetics among other things. The animals may also be used in teaching various disciplines, breeding purposes as well as defense tests, but the activity of using animals in testing has varying degrees of regulation in different nations.
Globally, it is approximated that the number of animals ranging from fish to primates used every year may reach tens of millions and sometime more than a hundred million. These numbers do not include the invertebrates like mice and frogs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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