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Do we have less face-to-face interaction because of social networks - Research Paper Example

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Initially, family members used to meet and spend time together. This had a significant role in strengthening the bond with the extended family. Young people used to look for each other in order to play and spend time…
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Do we have less face-to-face interaction because of social networks
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Extract of sample "Do we have less face-to-face interaction because of social networks"

Download file to see previous pages These have made it easy for people to communicate with anyone irrespective of their geographical location. Social networks have brought innovative ideas. Currently, social games have taken away the free time that people used to have and share with friends. People especially the young generation are spending much of their time playing games and chatting with friends. Although a certain school of thought argues that this reduces boredom, the role that family members and friends played cannot be replaced by social network. Statistics indicates that the number of stress-related diseases has increased tremendously especially among the young people. This is because they no longer share their feeling which cannot only be done through face-to-face interactions. On the other hand, the number of people suffering from obesity and other diseases related to less physical activities has increased. This is because people no longer walk or jog. Instead, they spend much of the time interacting through the social network.
A quantitative method was used in order to collect information concerning the topic of study. This was crucial in coming up with an in-depth conclusion on whether the social network has played a significant role in reducing face-face interactions.
A sampling method was used to determine the number of people who use social networks to chat with friends and family members. The samples were selected randomly in order to avoid any cases of biasness. This was significant in ensuring that the information obtained was reliable and up-to-date
Qualitative research was also conducted. The nature of the problem could not be understood through exploratory research only. The use of sampling ensured a reduced survey bias through the use of focus groups. It also ensured that the ideas from a broad spectrum have been used before making the final findings and conclusion. The wide amount of views was important in ensuring that questionnaire constructed was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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