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The present essay is focused on the issue of the quality of education provided by school teachers. Reportedly, in tightly knitted neighborhoods where the culture of the community living there is the one that attributes the low level of motivation those students have towards their education. …
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Enhancing the Quality of Education Provided by School Teachers
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Memo - THE ASSOCIATION OF TEACHER EDUCATORS Association of Teacher Educators Abdul Majeed November 19, Enhancing the quality of Education Provided by School Teachers
In tightly knitted neighborhoods where the culture of the community living there is the one that attributes the low level of motivation those students have towards their education. The students are seen to not be fully engaged in promoting good performance in the school system. Mostly these are contributed with too much work overload for the teachers to conduct and to tutor more than one hundred children per day that is very difficult to handle. Teachers are also restricted with the responsibility to set and mark their student`s assignments as well as prepare each new lecture with limited time.
Wiggins, Grant, Tighe & Jay (2007) noted that the policy of the job duties of teachers’ educators should be changed to accommodate the expanding teachers` section and obligations in schools. This can easily be incorporated by having the work responsibilities divided among the teachers. The school department should strongly consider hiring tutors who will set the assignments and mark them while there is another group of teachers who will be preparing the lectures and providing them in the classrooms. This will also ensure that every student is participating in their school studies and conferences well enough to do the assignments properly without facing many difficulties.
The association of teachers’ educators widely acknowledges that the most efficient way to upgrade students learning outcomes depends highly on the quality of teaching. The research that was conducted by the same association indicates that the teacher quality is positively and significantly correlated with learners’ attainment. The same result is also important within-school aspect since it can be used to analyze student results. Education is an essential tool not only for the cultivation of values in students but also thriving and innovative society. This is the primary reason teachers are instructed to encourage self-motivation and proper way of studying among learners and to be a good role model for the students.
The quality of education is not only restricted to the class work alone, but it extends further up to economic development. As the competition among nations intensifies due to rapid growth in the global market, the imperative role of education as the key to future success can greatly be felt. Above all, following the structural changes from manufacturing to service-oriented economy in the past years, it will force educators to establish substantial and genuine human capital to central the top rank of competition. However, this will be influenced by the quality of education offered by the existing schools and teachers. Some of these changes can achieve through enhancing Teacher Education Programmes in order to produce highly trained and quality teachers.
This change will support the model of teachers ensuring that their students do listen keenly and participate in class. The teachers will not rush through the lesson to just end the day but will rather take enough time to provide students with consultation services. They will also not be too tired to prepare a high-quality lecture that enhances their tutorship skills and increase the students’ performance in overall.
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Wiggins, Grant and Tighe, Jay. What is the teacher’s job when teaching? Schooling by design. ASCD, 2007. Web. 19 Nov 2014. Read More
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