Choose a toy and analyze how it does/ does not promote traditional gender roles - Essay Example

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Most of the toys that belong to the girls are associated with the physical attractiveness, nurturing, and various domestic skills. The boy toys’, on the other hand, are often competitive, exciting, and…
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Choose a toy and analyze how it does/ does not promote traditional gender roles
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Download file to see previous pages Gender-neutral toys enable both boys and girls to play together with them, and equalize the opportunities of children to develop a wide range of skills and concepts (Jennifer 1195). They are able to eliminate the stereotypes that limit the thinking of children about what and who they can become or achieve. The gender-neutral toys are capable of making play dates much easier for children, their nannies, and also their parents.
One of the toys they can use is the wheeled toys such as wagon and the pull toys. The children can crawl and carry themselves across the floor with these toys. As a result, they are able to develop motor skills that they need in balancing and enhancing their motor coordination.
Another toy is the toy telephones. Though the world’s technology is progressing from the error of telephone communication into the world of communicating through texts, these toys enables the development of language in children and representational form of thinking. Once they talk on these toy telephones, they learn that phones are useful in enabling them share information and in getting the required help. It also assists them during dramatic play.
Gender codes are referred to as imaginary rules that govern how male and females live and created through various media including television, billboards, advertisements, magazines, movies, and many other forms. Some experts believe that gender codes are socially constructed while others view it as naturally constructed. Gender codes are socially constructed and they represent cultural facts rather than the required natural facts. As a result, the media is able to create gender codes since it is the main method that represents cultural values. The media represents what is culturally acceptable for one to be masculine or feminine and the society follows suit in the given generalization of what it means for one to be a man or a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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