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A person is entitled to such rights because he or she is a human being and deserves equality just like the rest. These rights range depending on various…
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Human Right
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Download file to see previous pages The forces of telecommunication and economic development revolutions have been working in democratization process in the region, hence bringing about a political change. Through this, discrediting of the communist ideology has enabled people conduct their business out of the control of Chinese Communist Party.
The approach of China towards human rights starts mainly out of the domestic concerns. Unlike the US, China’s concept of human right is parallel to the definition of basic rights such as security from violence (Wenjiang 425). Conversely, the US has always attached little importance to economic rights as a legal concern of human rights. For the Chinese government, political rights are there in place to serve social utility since making a strong nation is the utmost priority, hence the state collectivism (Wenjiang 425). Both US and China are in conflicts because of the different political systems for the respective governments have but the profound reason is basic values and different cultures between them. Due to these differences, the US seems not concerned of the pressing needs of the Chinese population in meeting their rights and needs (Kim 42).
Over the years, the republic of China has had significant changes on in its social, political, and economic domains. These changes together with policies in China have left imprints on various human right issues in both dimensions of international and domestic. The most controversial policy in China is the One Child Policy and it has raised an array of human rights concerns like sex selective abortions and sterilization (Lee & Lee 88). Such policies are in practice under their traditional gender norms that see boys being in favor than their counterparts the girls.
The N. Korean republic is an authoritarian nation under dictatorship where even citizens have no right to change the government. The government has denied its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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