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The novel illustrates the story of such a wife and a mother named ‘Fran Benedetto’, who used be inhumanly abused and hit by her husband. Initially, Fran used to hide her pain…
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You can chose the topic from the topic list, in the order instructions
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Download file to see previous pages In Florida, Fran missions to start a new life, by changing her identity from Fran to Beth and her son’s from Robert to Bobby. The only possible job for her befell as being a caretaker, because of her hidden original identity. She also happens to be romantically involved with a guy name, Mike. As the time passed by, Robert began to miss his home and father. He couldn’t keep himself away from his homeland and father for a long. Eventually, one night he calls his father, who traces the call and approaches Fran & Robert the next morning. Robert couldn’t make himself to betray his father after the convincing of his mother.
On the reach, Bobby again abuses and hits Fran until she loses her conscious, and leaves along with Robert. Mike supports Fran in finding her son, by filing the report to an investigation team. One day, Fran finds the message of her son in her answering machine saying that, he is doing fine with her father. Unfortunately, Fran never gets the chance to see her son again, and moves on with her life with Mike.
The novel actually revolves around and focuses on the matter of those women, who are getting abused and hit by their husbands or any other man. The author has shown the courage of woman against the malice of men. Ann emboldens such women to gather potential and stand against such men in the society. Ann has identified the woman as a caregiver by nature. The author has pointed towards the women who supports their men and tries to fix his all negative deeds with their love.
The author targets all such women to wake up and follow what is right. No woman deserves the continuous violent behavior of men. Ann even stimulates the woman to stop being staying alone & covering up their bruises, after a violent relationship. That’s why she has put Fran with Mike at the end of the novel, to prove her point. She guides all those women who are facing such relationships, to move out and move on. The extent of emotions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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