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Linda Seger Creating the Myth - Assignment Example

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We share in the life journey of growth, development, and transformation. We live the same stories, whether they involve the search for a perfect mate, coming home, the search for fulfillment, going after an ideal, achieving the dream, or…
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Linda Seger Creating the Myth
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Extract of sample "Linda Seger Creating the Myth"

Linda Seger Creating the Myth “All of us have similar experiences. We share in the life journey of growth, development, and transformation. We live the same stories, whether they involve the search for a perfect mate, coming home, the search for fulfillment, going after an ideal, achieving the dream, or hunting for a precious treasure.” (Sieger 1)
It this section, Linda is trying to inform the audience of what makes people humans unique. She describes how people that grow up together share similar experiences. The experiences people share cut across many areas. The experience of knowing the same stories by many people is what connects people together and brings joy in their lives. Linda provides an instance when it can be used in looking for a perfect mate (Sieger 1). Such stories are what bring fulfillment to people.
“Being broken can take several forms. It can be physical, emotional, or psychological. Usually its all three” (Sieger 4)
This quote denotes the forms in which a person can be broken. Human beings can be broken emotionally, physically and psychologically. Linda emphasizes that humans beings are very sensitive and can be easily broken into the three forms (Sieger 4).
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Sieger, Linda. Creating the Myth. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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Perfect work done on the "Linda Seger Creating the Myth". I think it is the best sample I have seen so far.

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