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In the story pantomime written by Laura Lam,the author uses certain words and phrases differently and makes up new words in order to build an intruiging and convincing narrative about intersex people and the struggle they experience.The story commences with Micah grey running…
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Download file to see previous pages t she doesn’t fit the demands and definition of what is expected of women in a corset and crinoline world.She struggles both biologically and psychologically with the notion of both having two genders in one body.Inaddition,stemming from his past in dealing with his present circumstances,he finds that he has to properly handle his sexual feelings as pertains to his fellow aerialist Aenea and the white clown Drystan.They realize that there was nothing perturbing about a person being intersex and that there was more to it than was thought.This realization dawned on them both- Micah and Gene,when they had made the decision to lead their own lives as they were, and when the mysterious secrets of the world suddenly opened in 10,860.
Pantomime is a story about two different people trapped in the same body but who in their own different ways have impacted onto each other’s lives significantly.Moreover,whilethe intimate manner in which the author has treated sensitive issues generally associated with intersex people to be deeply moving and empathichowever,it is not clear if the author precisely sought out the real information and experience from intersex people inspite of the fact that through the story,she appears to acknowledge rather than defend a lot of uncertainties existing by default between the two genders.But she brings out the point clearly when Micah and Gene question themselves in order to find out exactly whether their attraction is matter driven by the masculine or feminine nature.Thus, in as much as anybody is who they are,but could a person’s biological sexuality really be the yardstick of defining who they are?
Pantomime as a story,alternates between past and present and narrates Gene and Micah’s history as composed of elements of both shame and acceptance-especially from the brother Cyril,the unpleasant experiences with doctors and potential suitors,and in addition the need to keep secrets.Throughout the story,it is clear that there is a close ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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