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In Greek, the word “euthanasia” means “a good death”; however, today it has obtained a new meaning, which is the act of intentional killing of a person who is terminally ill and who or whose relatives feel that death is the best option. Despite the fact that modern…
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Download file to see previous pages been a subject of a great number of discussions, debates, and arguments, especially since euthanasia and assisted suicide became legal in a range of countries. While the opponents of legalization claims that is its, in fact, legalization of a murder as well as devaluation of a person’s life, I believe it should be legalized because it frees people of pain and suffering they cannot endure.
History of euthanasia extends back over thousands of years, namely to the 5th century BCE. Despite the fact that in Ancient Rome and Greece doctors were obliged to follow the Hippocratic Oath, a lot of them could give poison to their patients if the latter asked them to. In the times of the Middle Ages, the issue of euthanasia and assisted suicide was not even discussed due to the fact that the church was quite an influential institution. With the rise of the Enlightenment in the 17th and 18th centuries, euthanasia again became the question for discussions and debates; the majority of people were against it. However, there was no law that made it illegal until the 1830s when the first American law on the illegal status of euthanasia was passed (The Life Sources Charitable Trust).
In the first half of the 20th century, euthanasia started gaining support in the American society as well as in England. With the beginning of World War II, the global society changed its attitude towards the issue due to the fact that the Nazis killed a great number of people with the help of euthanasia (The Life Sources Charitable Trust). In the late 20th, the points of view on the matter under consideration changed again; in fact, the last several decades may be regarded as the revival of the discussion as well as the reconsideration of the necessity of euthanasia legalization as the modern society is getting more and more supportive of making it legal. The following are the arguments for legalization of euthanasia; most of them are based on the needs of those who call for it.
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Persuasive Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1.
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