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Should Human Beings Depend More On Biofuels - Research Paper Example

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Such is the case that with industrialization more fuel was needed to generate energy that would meet the needs of the growing population across the globe. Technological advancement over the past…
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Should Human Beings Depend More On Biofuels
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Download file to see previous pages ance of this fossil fuel is indisputable, recent study has faulted its continuous use and thus proposed the use of renewable energy such as biofuel (Klare). Studies carried out on the use of biofuels have clearly indicated their benefits although they too depict a small aspect of challenges to the environment and human lives. This work will detail on the reasons why Human Beings should Depend More on Biofuels.
Studies conducted environmental safety support the use of biofuels as a substitute to the widely known fossil fuel. Here, the studies argue that fossil fuel will help solve the issue of global warming caused by use of fossil fuel. Reports collected over the past years have faulted the use of fossil fuel stating its contribution in accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases have been said to cause a “potentially devastating warming of Earth’s atmosphere”, or put is simply word global warming (Cooper). Today, global warming has become a serious issue across the globe to an extent of taking a centre stage in most international meetings on environment. Nations of the world are continuously being warned of facing tougher repercussions from Mother Nature if they cannot curb the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases produced by burning fossil fuel. One of the long term effects of global warming is economic destruction as people would not be able to benefit fully from the land and other aspects of Mother Nature. Looking at this, it is imperative that human being depend more on fossil fuel as the other best alternative (fossil fuel) depict serious implications to the environment. Such is the case that biofuels emit minimal greenhouse gases as opposed to fossil fuels and thus serves as the best eco-friendly energy with ability to solve the issue of global warming.
Quality of environment and public health is the other concern raised when considering the use of biofuels. Here, scientific studies have established that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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