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There have been several criticisms directed towards the education system in American due to various failings that have been identified to cause a substandard education for its people. While this may be true, it is not clear as to why the most developed country on the globe is…
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Download file to see previous pages The countries that may be taking this place may include China and India. Therefore, in spite of the advancement of the U.S, which ought to support the most important aspects such as education, the country’s education system is lagging behind due to reasons that can be resolved through development of better policies.
One of the reasons behind this deterioration is that the Americans students are not being taught the relevant subjects. Here, the system is teaching today’s students yesterday’s subjects. The world has developed and the system keeps on teaching the same issues making the American students unfit for the workplace. This is the reason why the employers in the U.S have been finding it difficult to get the skills that they require in the workplace. This may be the key reason why students from other countries have been getting employment easily in the U.S and the unemployment rates in the country continue to rise. Therefore, for this reason, employers are finding it easier to outsource from foreign countries than from the U.S (Kaminski).
Additionally, the American education is the easiest worldwide. This implies that it does not challenge the students but involves reading of a script and sitting for an exam. However, it does not teach the students the skills that they will require in the workplace as well as the resilience required in the modern business world, which is highly competitive. The American students are taught to follow what has been the behaviour of previous generations instead of showing them how to question what has been taking place throughout history. This has been reducing their capabilities to be innovative and creative when they join the employment world. In addition, the lack of challenging education has been denying them the chance to get problem resolution and decision making skills, which are crucial to the employers and form the requirements for working in modern business environments ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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