Directly and completely answer the following questions. Include specific examples from the story in your answer, and if you use secondary sources, be sure to include the correct documentation - Essay Example

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What is his attitude toward civilization? If he is the protagonist, who or what is the antagonist?
One can learn much from the first section of the story in regards to…
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Directly and completely answer the following questions. Include specific examples from the story in your answer, and if you use secondary sources, be sure to include the correct documentation
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Extract of sample "Directly and completely answer the following questions. Include specific examples from the story in your answer, and if you use secondary sources, be sure to include the correct documentation"

Affiliation: Blue Winds Dancing by Tom Whitecloud What do you learn in the first section of the story about the conflict in the attitudes of the narrator? What is his attitude toward civilization? If he is the protagonist, who or what is the antagonist?
One can learn much from the first section of the story in regards to conflict in attitude of the narrator. The narrator faces the inner conflict in attitude due to his lack of identity and similarly faces the outer conflict with society. The narrator is both homesick and “tired,” that he even has serious doubts on the values of the white culture. Even though he reveres Nature, he seeks a release from this pressure, but similarly resents the inferiority feelings of his role as an Indian. It forces him to value and prize personal closeness of life at home and the willingness of enduring hardship because of his beliefs. Even though he is afraid, the narrator makes a decision of going back home so that he can reclaim his identity, an identity he lost at the time he left his home.
In his attitude towards civilization, it is apparent that the narrator is rejecting the white dominated civilization. It is entirely because of the personal, unhurried, aesthetic, and the passive values of his home, in combination with the profound sense of identification with the home environment as a physical place. It is clear that the narrator feels he does not fit the white society since he is a Native American. It is through this discontent with the present environment combined with his present place in society that creates the conflict of his attitudes. In the story, the major antagonist is the set of values created by the white culture, while another antagonist may include a cold weather and the sadistic threat of Denver Bob.
What does the narrator mean by saying, "I am alone; alone but not nearly so lonely as I was back on campus at school?"
The statement means that the narrator is alone, but not so lonely as compared to when he was back at school. Even though he might still be lonely, he is not as lonely as compared to the time he was at school. The quote comes at a time when the narrator was nearing the end of his journey (Tarver et al. 57). As he is walking along the train tracks that are leading him back home, he recognizes how lonely he was. The loneliness bases on the sense of being separated from the beliefs, the people, and the attitudes of his Indian upbringing while he was at school. Now that he is walking by himself, alone, but he is no longer lonely. In this essence, the author has no physical companion, but the world of animals and plants help keep him company as he is finishing his return home.
What do you think is meant by the blue winds dancing - what kind of wisdom?
Blue winds refer to the society or a group people as referred to in most part of the story. Dancing refers to the manner of which those people are overcoming or going through life in the beautiful manner that God gave them. By the end of the story, the wisdom that the narrator finds only exists in one place that he failed to look at earlier, the reservation. Once he was at reservation, the narrator questions whether he is white or Indian as he also wonders if people will still recognize him. Upon entering the lodge, the music and dancing stops, but the narrator recognizes that none of them is speaking, and yet they are still communicating. In this essence, the narrator finds it to be curious how so many people can be together, not talk, and yet still be happy. For him, true wisdom lies in the beauty of togetherness.
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