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The government officially legalized drone usage in the country in 2013. The federal aviation administration argues that allowing drones for commercial purposes is a noble idea as it…
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Drones for Domestic video surveillance
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Download file to see previous pages The demand for unarmed drones in the United States has increased over the years. Many people are enthusiastic about the operations of drones and their ability to collect data in a discreet manner. The demand for drone has led to the emergence of many drone-manufacturing industries. In America, drones are popular, and any persons can own one due to their cheap price. In fact, an average drone costs very much less than manned aircraft (Bennet 2). The government, through the FAA, has stepped in to regulate drone usage in the country. In this regard, drone usage is safe and should be embraced by Americans.
There are mixed reactions regarding the use of drones America. People supporting drone usage argue that unarmed drones are harmless and do not threaten the security of the country. One of the benefits of drones on the homeland is that they are instrumental in crime investigation (Slag 12). Often, police face complex situations that may require a birds-eye view. The drones are discreet in their operations and hence can be useful for security apparatus. For example, the police can use drones in assessing the situation in a protest and identify the criminal activities and the perpetrators. In this regard, drones are essential in maintenance of law and order. A typical surveillance role of drones that assist in enforcement of law and order is the monitoring of movements across the border.
Drones are useful in search and rescue operations in disaster hit areas. The country has experienced dire situations in the form of hurricanes, typhoons, and wildfires. Drone technology is useful in surveillance of areas that are beyond the reach of humans. The drones take pictures and videos and relays them to the relevant authorities. As such, the authorities can take action to rescue people under duress in case of disasters and also assess the level of damage. Opponents of drone usage in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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