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Advertising remains the best option through which companies create awareness and influence consumer purchasing power. This means it has roles in both business and the society. The four major ones are marketing, communication economic and societal roles. In this discussion, societal role will be a key reference point…
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Societal role in advertising
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Societal Role in Advertising Advertising remains the best option through which companies create awareness and influence consumer purchasing power. This means it has roles in both business and the society. The four major ones are marketing, communication economic and societal roles. In this discussion, societal role will be a key reference point.
A societal role in advertising heavily draws its arguments from the fact that trends affect and influence societal perceptions. Through this, companies can use it as a determiner to predict the most expected product in the market that relates to the existing trend. This role can be both a reflection on the society or the probability of what is expected by the society in future.
Recently, a range of companies have picked up advertising styles that incorporates social dimensions (Drumwright 71). This is attributed to the fact that the society is experiencing a lot of changes through the effects of fatal diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer and lifestyle diseases. In addition, the third gender; homosexuality and immoral behavior like rape and drug abuse have had a huge influence on how adverts are framed nowadays. In real sense, marketers have no choice but frame their product adverts in a manner that can indicate a solution to what the society’s trends demand. For instance, in relation to HIV/AIDS, marketers already understand teenagers are sexually active and there is little they can do to change it. Therefore, the best solution they can offer is provide means that can help in reduce the spread of this deadly disease like through the use of condoms. This indicates how a society dictates how adverts frame the products (Drumwright 73).
A society has power in dictating what they certainly expect from manufacturers. This means that every trend and lifestyle creates a problem that manufacturers are tasked with to solve as quickly as possible. Literally, a societal role is creating problems that adverts have to make sure they frame it in a manner that displays a solution. Through such problems though, companies come up with breakthrough innovations that turn out to be huge cash cows.
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Drumwright, Minette, E. Company Advertising with a Social Dimension: The Role of Noneconomic Criteria. Journal of Marketing 60.4 (Oct., 1996): 71-87. Read More
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